Unable to analyze PL/SQL code in VSCode

@Julien_HENRY I have lately installed VS Code and Sonarlint extension and configured in connected mode. And add to that I have installed PL/SQL analyzer too.
But I wasn’t able to see any sonar issues for my PL/SQL code. nor scan happening.
Am i missing anything here?
And kindly let me know if SonarlInt supports PLSQL in connected mode in Intellij IDE ?

Hi @Yathindra_Raj and welcome,

I moved your question to a new thread, since the one you replied to was an old topic. Please also avoid to tag SonarSource people, we are actively watching all topics, no worries :wink:

And add to that I have installed PL/SQL analyzer too.
To clarify, you have a SonarQube edition with PL/SQL support right? Have you already analyzed your PL/SQL code on SonarQube?

Once everything works fine in SonarQube, you have to use the connected mode in VSCode to enable PL/SQL analysis. If that doesn’t work, please look at the SonarLint output after enabling verbose logs. Then update the binding, and open a PL/SQL file. The produced logs should be enough to understand what’s going on. If you need help to understand, please provide the logs.
See the FAQ for more details.

No, PL/SQL is not supported in SonarLint for IntelliJ. Is it something you would be interested in?

Hello Julien,
IDE version : VSCode / 1.46.0 / Windows
Sonarlint version :1.16.0
Connected mode : Yes
SonarQube server version :
Installed analyzers : installed_analyzers.txt (15.9 KB)
Log : sonarlint.log (18.7 KB)

Yes we do have sonarqube with PL/SQL support and we do analyse our PL/SQL code.It’s in production for quite a sometime now. What we were looking for is a plugin to analyse as we code in development.

That would be great extension if provided (at least in connected mode) like we have for JAVA :slight_smile:

Kindly find the attached log and provide pointers .
I did see “Binding update also failed for sonar connection” in VSCode
I do see plsql plugin at sonarQube server.

adding to the previous reply
I don’t see plsql plugin downloaded to local sonarlint folder.

[Error - 20:52:17.838] Error updating storage of the connected SonarLint engine ‘plusnet-sq’
[Error - 20:52:17.838] java.lang.IllegalStateException: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: timeout

Seems there is an issue when SonarLint tried to contact your SonarQube server. Are you using a proxy, or any specific authentication mechanism (SSO)?

I’m able to connect to the same server from IntelliJ. I don’t see any proxy nor SSO.
If that’s the issue then checking status and installed analyzers access would have failed right ?

I did check , but no help. Kindly provide pointers on installation or edge conditions.

I’m able to connect :slight_smile:
The issue was due to connectionId parameter not accepting special characters like (-).
After re-naming it to plusnetsq. It worked.

But it would be of great help for developer community, if you guys can consider similar PLSQL extension for IntelliJ. As IntelliJ IDE is used predominantly used than VSCode.

Thanks for your support though :slight_smile:

Waouh, thanks for the investigation.

We’ll keep that in mind, thanks for the feedback.

Let me know if you guys are taking up the requirement any soon or when can we expect ?

You are the first one to ask for PL/SQL analysis in SonarLint IntelliJ, so to be honest it is very low priority for us.

May I ask you to create a new post in the “suggest new features” category, with tags sonarlint, intellij and plsql? This kind of post allows people to watch/vote for the feature. We’ll see how many people are interested, and prioritize accordingly.

sure will do that. :slight_smile:

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