SonarLint - is there a plan to scan pl/sql code in VSCode?


(Sebastien Guibert) #1


We are using SonarQube (Developer Edition) to scan our apps that have some pl/sql code.

Our IDE to develop is Visual Studio Code and current SonarLint extension (v1.5) doesn’t scan pl/sql code.

  • I read on SonarLint 2018 Roadmap page this: “We really want all developers, irrespectively of the language and IDE they code in, to benefit from the full feature-set of SonarLint.”

  • Release note of SonarLint version 1.6 refers to jira SLVSCODE-50.

Is it true to expect pl/sql scans by SonarLint in VSCode with the next release ?

Thanks in advance.

SonarLint - Support PL/SQL Language
(Nicolas Bontoux) #2


This simply means that the current supported languages of SonarLint for VSCode will receive latest improvements in terms of rules and issue detection.

As far as I know there is no plan for bringing PLSQL support to SonarLint for VSCode. Feel free to raise a topic in #suggestions.