SonarLint for PL/SQL only works with the xyz.plsql-language extension

Hi guys, it took me a while to figure out that the SonarLint for PL/SQL only works with if the xyz.plsql-language extension is installed in VSCode.

I’ve been using the oracle.oracledevtools extension for PL/SQL in VSCode and am wondering if there is a way to make the SonarLint working with it instead of xyz.plsql-language.

Great thanks.

Hi @rafael-trevisan,

I just checked, and the Oracle extension is declaring a language with id oraclesql while we are expecting plsql. The fix is really easy and I have scheduled it for next version:

Thanks for reporting the issue!


@rafael-trevisan if you want to try before the release, here is the latest artifact with the fix:

I would be happy if you could confirm everything works fine on your side.

@Julien_HENRY, it worked like a charm!

Great thanks.

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