PL/SQL analysis in IntelliJ


I am keen to understand whether there are any plans to add support for PL/SQL analysis within SonarLint for IntelliJ.

My team are considering moving to IntelliJ as a single IDE for Java / JavaScript / PL/SQL development and already use SonarQube within other areas of our enterprise. As IntelliJ have been adding more PL/SQL related capabilities (PL/SQL debugging on the database, support for the utPL/SQL v3 unit test framework, etc.) it is becoming a more attractive IDE for PL/SQL development over other database specific IDEs.

As part of moving to IntelliJ, it would obviously be beneficial to be able to analyse the PL/SQL code earlier in the development cycle and to be able to perform static code analysis across all the code for a particular code delivery within the IDE.




This is not in our roadmap currently, but we are constantly updating it based on various criteria, including user inputs. Thanks to this thread, we will be able to collect number of votes, and adjust. Still, I don’t think you should expect any move on this topic before next year.

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