Sonarcloud payment debited before the end of trail period

I have created a account on behalf of my organisation in sonarcloud. The information page says it gives a 14 day trial period and asks for credit card details, after giving all the details 10 euros got debited automatically from the account just on initialisation and when i tried to contact the support they are saying they don’t have refund policy. There was no information regarding the amount being debited before the trial period.

And moreover the account doesn’t have the necessary privilege for the group so it’s basically useless . And when i tried to change the group they are saying you have to create another organisation, and amount will be debited again on creating a new organisation. I have contacted the support but no proper response. they are just sending their is no refund policy. Then why do you guys mention it as 14 days free trial period.

you just said it’s free trial and debit the amount from the account.

Hello Harish,

Welcome to the Community Forum and thank you for your interest in SonarCloud.

We confirm that the first 14 days are free of charge. You are only debited after the 14 days, if you don’t cancel your subscription. We meant that we don’t refund, if the 14 days have passed.

What makes you say you have been debited “on initialization”?

You can cancel the subscription anytime by going to Administration >> Billing >> Downgrade.

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Hello Luis,

on creating the organisation in the sonarcloud , It asks for the credit card details and OTP when i enter the details just on creation of the organisation the amount got debited from the account. I still have 9 days left for the trial days to end.

I have written thrice and all the time the email said we don’t do refunds without any further context.
If you want i can attach the email that is recieved . It’s from your email address and my organisation account name is Typewiser user.

So now my question is if i downgrade will i get the money back ? and then I will create a new organisation.

Hi Harish,

Thank you for the additional insight.

We verify that the credit card is valid when you start the trial, but it is not actually debited. Can you have a look on the movements in your card’s account?

If it really has been debited, that is not normal indeed, and we will look into it. In this case, please reach out to with the last 4 digits of the credit card and the name of your organization.

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