Sonarcloud: group id not found


We don’t get any new merge request anymore pulled into sonarcloud. When I try to open the organization page in settings also I get this message: Group with id ‘11728005’ could not be found. Do you know what is causing this? Can we relink this maybe to our gitlab account? If this is not possible it would mean we loose all our permissions, scan profiles,…

Thank you,



Hey @jov

Whether or not the token is recognized as valid on your Organization Management page, can you try generating a new Gitlab token with the correct permissions (and enter it in SonarCloud) and see if that fixes it?

It worked by regenerating the api token. Thank you

Anytime. I faced the same issue when I logged into my GitHub org for the first time in a while. I suspect something isn’t quite right if we’re otherwise reporting the token is fine. I’ll report it. Thanks!