Cannot Connect GitLab Organization to SonarCloud

I’m trying to connect a GitLab Organization to

When following the steps, and supplying the “key” of the group, after supplying a Personal Access Token, the next stage always errors out with
“An unknown error occurred. Please try again later”.

This has happened when trying to link the organization to SonarCloud when trying to initially import from GitLab, and trying to connect it to an existing Organization created manually.

Image of the error (with PAT redacted)

Looking at the network requests made by the browser does not yield any further useful information.

When using the ID of the group, it thinks that the group is connected to the organization that I’m trying to connect it to…

Hello Keith,

Sorry for the late reply.
So I did a quick search and it seems like you already have an organization that is bound to your Github org (see the little gitlab logo next to the org name at the top):

So someone from your team/company created it, I suggest you loop internally to figure this out.