Renaming group in Gitlab breaks some links in SonarCloud

Hello Team,

Since 19th October there are new restrictions regarding in place at Gitlab, which forced us to move all our projects into a common “group” at Gitlab. The IT Admin personal token is of course still valid, so SonarCloud sees the projects and that’s - I assume - why it still sees my commits and still works.

But some things are a bit broken because the links still point to the old Gitlab group name, so I was hoping you could tell me where to edit the organization settings more deeply than what I have found so far. The group name seems to be hardcoded somewhere in the background where I can’t edit it.

Another clue that points to this is that we get a red banner “Group ID not found” when opening the administration page

The things that are broken are:

  • This link on the administration gives a 404 since it points to the old group ID
  • The links to the Commit on the analysis page point to the old repository

Something else I have tried is to create a new project and even there I did not see a field to specify the group ID.

So in summary: Can we edit the group id of the Gitlab project inside our SonarCloud organization

I think this issue is similar to this and this but they didn’t solve it for me so far

  • ALM used: Gitlab
  • CI system used: Gitlab CI
  • Languages of the repository: Java, Kotlin