Sonarcloud + (Wrong connection)

Previously, we used the sonarcloud + gitlab (on premise) bundle, and now we have migrated to In Sonarcloud we have a paid organization (1M lines of code) and I tried to connect to this organization
I created an erroneous connection in the organization to gitlab ( and now I cannot change it.
This connection does not look at the necessary group for the user, but at the user himself in
We have a group in the gitlab (paid and private), and we need sonar to pull up projects from it, but now this does not work … but if I create a project in gitlab not in a group, but immediately with a user, then the sonar will see it, that we does not fit.

How can you delete this connection and create a new one? Or, for example, create a new organization in Sonar but transfer the paid subscription there from the current organization?

Hi @Aleksandr_Konopatski , welcome to the community forum.

A SonarCloud organization is tightly bound to its GitLab group, and to its subscription. It is not possible to change the GitLab group the organization is bound to, neither for you nor for us.
The only way to solve, is to delete the SonarCloud organization, and to create a new one, bound with the appropriate GitLab group. You can of course create the new organization before deleting the old one.
Deleting the organization will end the subscription, and you’ll be able to create a new one when creating the new organization, but we have no way to transfer the subscription on our side.

Sorry for not being to help you more,