Moving from Github to Gitlab, and need to rebind Sonarcloud account

I think the title explains. We have a Sonar organization that has ‘bind’ to GitHub, but we are now moving our SCM to Gitlab.

We can still run analysis and post to Sonarcloud, but

  • PR decoration will no longer work
  • Setting up new projects is confusing
  • The GitHub organization will go away soon

Is there a way to remove the ‘bind’ to GitHub and then ‘bind’ to Gitlab? I cannot see a way in the UI.

Hi @Kirk_Broadhurst, welcome to the community, and really sorry about the delayed response.

As you probably have already guessed, we don’t have good support, yet, for changing the binding of a SonarCloud organization to a different SCM organization, or to migrate projects across organizations.

I’m afraid it’s currently not possible to unbind the projects from GitHub and re-bind them to GitLab.