Move from Bitbucket to GitHub, Rebind sonar account

We moved our repositories from Bitbucket to GitHub. We also want to rebind this sonarcloud account to GitHub. What steps are needed? We cannot change this in the profile.


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Can you clarify what do you mean by account ? Do you mean your SonarCloud account, your SonarCloud personal organization or another organisation?

Also, with BitBucket, were your organization and projects bound to your BitBucket Team and repositories ?


Hi Aurelie,
thanks a lot for your answer. The login on the sonar cloud account is with bitbucket. Can I change the login to GitHub?

The hole account configuration is focused to bitbucket.

But it is not mandatory for analyzing code that the code is in bitbucket in the account with which I Login to sonar, right?


I’m sorry, I’m a bit lost and I don’t know how to help you right now.
Can you please clarify what’s your current issue and what do you want to achieve?

Is your project on SonarCloud public? If yes and if you’re ok with that, can you give the address of your project?


any luck with this? We have similar usecase where we have an organization setup with bitbucket and we are moving to github… We need to make sure we can use the same organization etc on github.

Hi @pranavbhargava,

If your SC organization and its related projects are bound to BitBucketlCloud team and repos, then unfortunately we don’t have a solution to migrate SC org and project from Bitbucket to GitHub. You will have to create the SC projects from scratch once you have moved to GH.

It’s possible to unbind your SC org from BB to re-bind it to GH, but it’s not possible to do that for project yet.
We have a MMF to implement that that you can follow. Feel free to vote for it.

Let me know if you need more help.