Unbind existing Bitbucket Organization and re-bind to GitHub Organization

Hi there,
we’ve been using Sonarcloud for quite some time now. When we started, we were using Bitbucket and the organization was bound to the Bitbucket organization.
Recently, we moved our repo to GitHub and tried to integrate it with Sonarcloud. So far, all users had to login with their new GitHub users and I added them to the Sonarcloud organization (still bound to Bitbucket).
A problem that arises is that branch-names are still fetched from Bitbucket, so it’s all mixed up between GitHub and Bitbucket now, because the Sonarcloud organization is still bound to Bitbucket.
Is there a way to unbind the Sonarcloud organization from Bitbucket and then re-bind it to GitHub?
Is there any other way to do this migration?
I’d like to avoid the havoc of creating a new organization, export all profiles and manually copy all the settings.


Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately it’s not possible. You have to create a new organization from your GitHub account.
We do not have a short term plan to support this use case. We’re currently focusing on improving the experience for single hosting platform per account.


I have a similar problem; someone bound our account somewhere wrong, and we aren’t seeing projects showing up in sonar cloud. Clearly we need to rebind our account.

Are you saying that even if we have a paid plan, we have to cancel our paid plan, delete every single project, add every single project back, and sign up for a new plan?

And if we make any mistake at all during this process, we have to do all of this again?

You don’t have any mechanism at all of undoing things?