Cannot add a new project. Shows no repositories found for this organization. Using GitLab

Cannot add a new project.

  • version: sonarcloud
  • message: No repositories found for this organization.
  • steps to reproduce
  1. Click add
  2. Select Analyze New Project
  3. Correct organization is selected but the message No repositories found for this organization. is shown.
  • potential workaround: None that I can find.

Hey there.

What DevOps platform are you connecting to? GitHub, Azure DevOps, GitLab, Bitbucket Cloud…

We are using GitLab.

The existing projects were created back in 2020. Since the new SonarCloud UI/UX was released, I’m at a lose as to which GitLab account owns the personal access token (PAT). Plus we’ve reorganized our source code GitLab groups.

In the organization settings, it shows our old group name and the Personal Access Token section shows:

### Personal Access Token
Status of you current token: is valid. You can still change it here if you want:

How do I figure who owns the PAT? Does it matter?


Hi David, sorry for the late reply,

Are you still facing the issue?

You said you have re-organized your groups in Gitlab, so I’m wondering if it’s still the right one that is bound to the SonarCloud organization? And if the user token has the correct permission over the group? If you know who owns the current token you can just replace it by a new one with correct permission.

Also there is some restrictions of how we support groups right now, see this documentation page: GitLab | SonarCloud Docs