Impossible to add new project in our organization

In SonarCloud, it is almost impossible to add new project from our organization from (mobivia 5404635)

We must retry and retry until the list of projects appears.

Is it possible to have a more usefull experience ?

Hey Yannick,

Thanks for getting back to us. Would you mind attaching some screenshots and repro step? and Maybe could you please provide us with a Timeframe when you were experiencing the errors to help our investigation.


Thanks @Yannick_DENIMAL, we are looking into the root cause and will get back to you shortly.


We suspect the call timed out due to a large number of repositories. Could you please verify for us using the /api/alm_integration/list_repositories whether this call timeout or any error response you receive?


Yes we have a lot of projects in our organization (more than 1600).

Hey @Yannick_DENIMAL,

We created an internal ticket to deal with the issue. For the time being, you can also use the following API (please keep in mind that it is subject to change at any time as it is not public):

POST<your SC org key>&installationKeys=<id of gitlab project>

this will create a new project and connect it to the GitLab.

How to authenticate the request: User Accounts | SonarCloud Docs

Marcin Majewski

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