Unable to analysis new project

Hi, I have imported our new orgaization to SonarCloud. But when I am trying to analysis new project(add new project) to SonarCloud I receive following error:
Screenshot 2023-02-07 094044
I look at these topics:

both of them refer to issue that there are more than one permission template. but it is not a case for me.
In develop mode, I am receiving error code 500:

Could someone hep me in this issue?


Hi Reza,

I’m confused about when the error is occurring. From your second screenshot, it appears to be prior to analysis - during project import?


Hi Ann,
Yes, I face this error during project import. If you send me a private message I can provide details information.

Hi Reza,

I will send you a private message to get all information.


Hi @Reza_bagheri, T answer your question “Could you provide a fixed IP address that enables us to allow sonar cloud and Gitlab communication?”.
Unfortunately, SC doesn’t support providing static IPs.