Sonarcloud Broken

  1. We see the wrong date format (mm-dd-yyyy) instead of (dd-mm-yyyy) (browser is NZ english)
  2. The “Project’s overview page” data is incorrect - it shows “latest code” not “overall data” even though its selected from the menu
  3. When using the sort option it only sorts top 50 results not all of the results
  4. We have an issue where all scans is showing as coming from one branch instead of the correct branch


Welcome to the community!

“Sonarcloud is Broken” is a big statement. It looks instead like you’ve found some behaviors you don’t like.

  1. Could you provide a screenshot?
  2. Ibid
  3. What’s the context for this? Issues? Projects? Users? Something else?
  4. We try to keep it to one question per thread. Otherwise it gets messy fast. We can lump the first 3 into “UI issues” and keep them together here. At least at first. But #4 seems to be an analysis issue. Please open a new thread for it, and include analysis logs and maybe some screenshots.


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I was told that the date format is meant to display date in local format in another thread hence a bug. Here is a screenshot of the date “non bug but behavior?”

I suggest we remove point 2 & 3. We resolved those by deleting projects as somehow there was duplicates so can’t reproduce the issue anymore.

I will try to sort some data over the next few days to support case 4 in a separate thread.


Thanks for the screenshot.

In fact, I think this isn’t about broken localization. Because I think that’s not localized. (And it may be broken that it’s not, but kinda a different topic :joy:)

I’m going to ping the product team.


Hi Rune,

Thank you for your feedback.
I’ve been having a look at “1. We see the wrong date format (mm-dd-yyyy) instead of (dd-mm-yyyy) (browser is NZ english)” on my end.

On SonarCloud date are not formatted based on your locale yet, I’ve had a look in our codebase and this is not a recent change at all, so the format is always mm/dd/yyyy for now.

However this is good feedback to get from you, thank you, we’ll have a look into that and hopefully have it fixed in a future release.

Best regards,


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