Issue date is date of last modification of line

Hello all,

I have observed that when I change a line that has an issue on it with date T0, and that I don’t fix this issue, Sonar spots it but now the date of this old issue is “now” instead of T0.

Is this a normal behavior ?

That’s particularly observable for issues like “Refactor the function implementation to get only one return statement”: if this issue is already present and you change the body of the function, the new date of this issue becomes “now” and is shown as if it has been introduced in your short lived branch.



First, what’s your version of SonarQube? We’ve worked on backdating since 6.7, so that could be important here.

Second, you say the date is shown as “now”. To be clear, does the issue changelog start with “now” (indicating the old issue was closed & a new one opened) or is there something in the changelog before “now”?

And third (and finally) what language are we talking about, and does the issue have secondary locations? (I don’t think this part actually matters, but I’m trying to avoid coming back to you multiple times.)



  • We are using Sonar 7.3 (Well I know you said earlier that we should upgrade to 7.4, but we did not have time to do it yer :))

  • by “now” I mean that the date of the “new” issue is something like “4 minutes ago”.

  • I’m talking about C/C++.


7.5 covered additional backdating cases, and I think upgrading would address this too. BTW, 7.6 was just announced. :smile: