Set date format in 24h like “HH:mm:ss”


I would like to change the date display format in SonarCloud on the Projects list page
Now I see “Last analysis: 4/11/2023, 11:00 AM
But want to see it “11.04.2023 11:00”

I want to have the possibility to configure these regional settings in my account

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Hey there.

I was hoping this is something that could be affected by browser settings… so I popped over to see our frontend devs and they confirmed that we only display the date/time in the US-style format… which is frankly a bit weird because almost all our developers are based in Europe! :eu: :switzerland:

I’ve moved this post to our “Product Manager for a Day” category.

Definitely a required change, most of the world is NOT using US format anyway. What is ISO-8601 for, after all?