Sonar scanner compatibility version check

We are using Sonarqube community edition 8.x which Sonnar scanner is compatible with this version.

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Sonarqube 8.x ist EOL for quite some time now.
Supported are Sonarqube 9.9.3 LTS or latest = Sonarqube 10.3, soon 10.4
Get them here

In general the latest Scanner versions are compatible with the LTS and latest version of Sonarqube.


We will upgrade later thanks for suggestion my dear friend please say the sonar scanner compatible version for sonarqube 8.0

No, but it doesn’t make sense to use and rely on an outdated version of a software.

The documentation has as oldest version 8.9

AFAIR we used the scanner versions 4.6 - 4.8 with Sonarqube 8, but im not sure, as it’s almost 2 years ago.
You have to try.

ok will try Thanks for time spent with the doubt. :slightly_smiling_face: