SONAR QUBE 7.6 to SONAR 7.9 upgrade

Hi ,

We are using SonarQube 7.6 community edition.
We are trying to upgrade to 7.9 LTS version.

We read that lot of interesting features like “New C++ rules addition” UI changes etc in 7.9.
To be specific, the addition of C++ rules will be applicable for community edition as well? or only for Developer / Datacenter / Enterprise editions ?

please help

Hi @Santosh,

C++ rules are integrated in our C++ analyser, which is part of commercial editions (Developer, Enterprise and Data Center)
You should give a try to, at least, Developer Edition to experience these interesting new vibes around C++ language :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response Carine. we will give a try on Developer edition at least.

Just being curious, will any of the new feature be applicable for community edition ? Just for information .


I’ll point out the official announcement which mostly is pretty good about marking commercial features as such (this is the ‘DE’, ‘EE’, ‘DCE’ badges you’ll see). Of course, it’s a high-level summary, so if you really want to know what changed in 7.7 and 7.8 (no new features are added in an LTS version; only fixes) you can see those individual announcements, linked above. The same thing with badges applies in these announcements too.


Thanks for the response.

So now, shall we know about the licensing / cost details of Developer / Enterprise / DataCenter Editions.

I will propose about commercial editions to the organization once i get price details.

please help. my mail id:
location: Bangalore, India

Hi @Santosh,

can you please fill in the form here to submit your request? (click on “Get More” on the edition you want to try, and then select the right number of lines of code, according to your needs).
We’ll then be able to contact you directly.
And you’ll find the price of the edition, related to the volume of lines of code to analyse into SonarQube, on the same form.