SonarQube Developer Edition and C++


I saw that C++ scans are included when someone purchases the SonarQube Developer Edition ( Is that correct? And so, there is no need to purchase another license for a C++ plugin?


C++ analysis is indeed built-in in our Developer Edition and above.
You’ll see more information here:
If you want to try the Developer Edition, you can go there and fill in the trial form/request a trial license key.

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@Carine_Bayon Thank you for your answer and clarification. Just as a note: the link you gave me ( doesn’t mention that C/C++ scans are included in Developer Edition or above. In my opinion, this information is missing. Would be good if this could be added somewhere.

thanks for the feedback. In fact, the info is written in the Download page here and in the Plans&Pricing description here.
Enjoy your evaluation!

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