Question about SonarLint and C/C++

This is a question about features…
we have the community edition and it´is enough for us… we use sonarlint with python and we want to use with C+/C++ but we realize that the C/C++ community plugin have problems with it, i wonder if we can adquire only the C/C++ official plugin (if they sell it sepparate ?) or other plugin or we have to buy the developer edition of Sonar.

thanks in advance…

Hi @leobip ,

There is no separate plugin to purchase. C/C++ analysis is available starting with Developer Edition and higher, as shown on our SonarQube Downloads page or when using SonarCloud. Then you must bind your project to the SonarQube server or SonarCloud.

If you navigate to the SonarLint landing page and click on each of the 5 IDEs, you can scroll down and see which IDEs support C/C++ also.

In summary, you must use SonarQube (you need Developer Edition or higher) or SonarCloud to bind your project to get C/C++ analysis with SonarLint.


Hi again @leobip ,

My mistake, a clarification: It is not mandatory to connect to SQ/SC to benefit from C/C++ analysis. It is also available in standalone mode, in Visual Studio and recently in CLion.

So in summary, you don’t need to buy SQ or use SC to use C/C++ with Visual Studio or CLion, but you will need SQ/SC with Eclipse.

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