Sonar Community Roundup, March 16 - March 22

Hello Sonar Community!

Like every week we want to spend some time saying thanks to everyone who prompted interesting discussions and gave us feedback on Sonar products that will help us continuously improve.



  • Given how many of our own developers love dark mode, it’s hard to understand how we overlooked how bad PR decoration looks on Azure DevOps in dark mode. :person_facepalming: Thanks @jerone! We’ll get it fixed.
  • In late January, we implemented a change to speed up analysis by only downloading the analyzers for the languages in the project. Analysis still works as it should, but @turkeytrot22 noticed that along with the change we inadvertently messed up the analyzer list that shows up in the SonarScanner Context for the analysis. We’ve created an internal ticket to fix the reporting.
  • @Nati was the victim of a race condition when two near-simultaneous commits triggered automatic analysis on his project and the wrong one finished first. We can’t fix racing, but we’ve created an internal ticket to give better error messages when it happens.


The release of SonarLint for IntelliJ 10.4 was rough for everyone. The 10.4.1 update late last week helped, but some people continue to have problems. We appreciate your patience and all your reports. Both things are helping us get this sorted out as quickly as possible. For some errors we’ve created tickets and the rest we’re still investigating.

Rule and language improvements

Once more, we extend our thanks to everyone mentioned here - and those we may have missed - for their efforts in strengthening this community and enhancing our Sonar products.

Please leave your own recognitions below – whether for another community member or a SonarSourcer who assisted you this week. If there’s someone you think should be acknowledged in next week’s roundup, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Ann, @Colin, and @leith.darawsheh