View of code on SonarQube web portal after new commits

This is a basic question, so sorry if I missed where it is covered in the docs.

The SonarQube server has copies of the code, viewable either with the Code tab or when looking up a specific issue. My question is whether that code is uploaded to the server by the scanner (running on Maven under Jenkins in our case) or if the web portal fetches it from the code repository dynamically.

IOW, if there is a commit to a file, but no SonarQube scan yet (those are scheduled at night), will those changes be visible when someone views that file in the SonarQube web portal (either directly going to that file or looking up an issue which is IN that file)? Or will users see the file as it was when SonarQube last scanned it?


The code is uploaded as part of analysis. So no, committed, but unanalyzed changes will not be visible in SonarQube. SonarQube shows you the code that it raised issues on.


OK thanks! I assumed it was that way but wanted to confirm. Is this mentioned in docs anywhere? (If not, might be good to add to a FAQ or something.)


Hi @MisterPi,

Good point. We’ve created a ticket internally to explicitly mention this in the docs. Thanks for your contribution :smiley:


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