View "New Code" irrespective of issues found

(Ankur) #1

SonarQube v6.7.4

Is there a way in SonarQube to show the NEW source code being considered in scope ? It does show the new code when there are issues found but not when there are no issues under “New Code” section. How do I know what files were considered as “New code” by SonarQube ? Can SonarQube show me the “New code”, irrespective of whether there were any issues in it or not ? Will SCM integration enable such a view ?

(G Ann Campbell) #2


Your context isn’t clear. Are we talking about master or some other Long-Lived Branch (LLB), or a PR / Short-Lived Branch (SLB)?

For master/LLBs, the project homepage gives you two shortcuts to the files with new lines:

From there you can drill into the files to see the new lines marked with a yellow highlight:


For PRs, you’ve got the same shortcuts, just moved a little bit



(Ankur) #3

What I am trying to understand is branch-neutral. When a scan happens on top of an existing code i.e. New code in scope, is there any way to find out the scope (code) being considered by SonarQube as ‘New’ ? e.g. if the result show 0 bugs in New code, can I see what is that ‘New’ code on which there are 0 bugs ?
I can go to the ‘Code’ link and look at all the code, and not just the New one.

(G Ann Campbell) #4


Use the Measures page to see New Lines (Size domain) or Lines to Cover On new code (Coverage domain).