Last analysis failed ID: AY30ATWcKeHZ79QD1nla

ALML: Bitbucket
CI: Azure DevOps
Scanner: Gradle plugin
Languages: Java

Last analysis failed
Analysis ID "AY30ATWcKeHZ79QD1nla"
The last analysis has failed. If it keeps on failing after several attempts, please contact us on Community forum and provide the following failing analysis ID: "AY30ATWcKeHZ79QD1nla".

We have had this error from time to time without correlation to anything.
It will be great to have some help on that


All my apologies for the delay

After digging into this issue, we figured out what’s happening and why you experience it from time to time.
When there are 2 commits on the same branch just one after the other, it can happen on many CI systems than the second build, for many reasons, ends before the first one.
In this case, it can happen that the Sonar report of the 2nd commit is submitted before the first one.
In this situation, Sonar doesn’t support receiving a report older than the last processed report. It is expected.

Having said that, there is clearly some room for improvement of our product here, to handle this use case gracefully and improve the user experience.
Thanks for your report, I’ll log an internal ticket to improve this.

Hope that helps,

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