Since we changed Azure Devops identification provider, every PR fails

we recently changed Azure Devops identification provider.
Since, in our organization administration, the Azure Devops connection hangs and we cannot change it or reconfigure it.
We reset a sonarcloud service connection in azure devops but still, our PR systematically fail with the following message : [error][SQ] Task failed with status FAILED, Error message: Project or branch in report does not match the project or branch under which it was submitted.
If I run sonar-scanner locally, it’s all fine but in the CI, it’s broken. Azure Devops → sonarcloud connection is ok.

Does anyone would know what to do to reconfigure sonarcloud → Azure Devops connection ?

Hey there.

Can you go into more details about this? What did you change?

We used Azure Devops credentials to log in sonarcloud. We changed the way we identify on Azure Devops to use our SSO. It changed all email adresses to the corporate ones. We had to send invite to all users since the email where not the same. All projects remain the same but the connection sonarcloud to Azure Devops hangs.

See images
CleanShot 2022-06-17 at 14.29.47
CleanShot 2022-06-17 at 14.30.40

Hello @sfag,

Can you try the following to change the token:


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