Connection to AzureDevOps failed

SonarCloud could not found PR

Hey there.

It looks like the token being used to make the connection between SonarCloud and Azure DevOps is (no longer) valid. Take a look at your project-level Administration > Pull Requests or organization-level Administration > Organization settings > Azure DevOps connectivity management and make sure a valid token is set.

Thank you for the information.
We checked the setting and updated with a new valid token.
Nevertheless the build is still not working. Same issue as before.

Our AzureDevOps organization changed.
Is it necessary to update path to new organization (Azure DevOps Services | Sign In)?

Could you please unlink the connection to AzureDevOps?

I have similar issue as described here. We are changed to organization name in AzureDevOps.

Unlink organization from Azure DevOps after move to GitHub - SonarCloud - Sonar Community (

Hello Alexander,

Unfortunately we do not currently support organization migration in the case of organization renames (even though some manual changes were made in the past, they are no longer performed). So you have to create a new Sonarcloud Organization, bind it to your Azure DevOps organization and import your projects.

For billing purposes, our sales team can help you so you can transfer your plan from the old sonarcloud org to the new sonarcloud org via the contact form.

Best regards,