Unable to disconnect and re-connect Azure DevOps organization from SonarCloud


I’m trying to remove the connection between a SonarCloud organization to Azure DevOps organization. The connection is configured using the Azure DevOps token. I want to remove current token and re-connect Azure DevOps organization with different token.

Can you please help me asap?

Hey there

You can simply add a new token under Administration > Organization Settings > Azure DevOps connectivity management

@Colin - I tried those things but not updated the old one secret

@mickaelcaro - Can you please help me on that?

Hey @ashok.prajapati

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What happens when you try to update the secret? How do you know it hasn’t worked?

Hello @Colin -

I have tried to add new token and click on update option but it’s showing only the loading icon.

I’ll send you a private message.

@Colin - Hello, Did you find any solution for me? Please help me as soon as possible