Azure DevOps connectivity management broken

I have problems with the Azure DevOps connectivity management. We have migrated our DevOps to another tennant. All the personal access tokens have been removed. After the migrations I wanted to re-enter a new token but the Azure DevOps connectivity management keeps loading (see image below)
The URL To our devops did not change so that would not be a problem. I have tried waiting for over an hour for the loading to finish. But this did not help.
Is there another way to reset the token or can someone from support help me with this?

Hello @LeanderKnol,

Can you try the following:
Unable to replace Azure DevOps Personal Access Token - #13 by Marcin_Majewski

Let me know if you need any additional help.


Thank you for the quick response. That did indeed work. I used powershell to do the work:

$headers = @{Authorization = “Bearer {token_here)”}
$response = Invoke-RestMethod -ContentType “JSON” -Uri “{organization_here}&almAccessToken={new_PAT_here}” -Method POST -Headers $headers -UseBasicParsing

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