Unlink organization from Azure DevOps after move to GitHub


We just moved our repo from Azure DevOps to GitHub. Our organization in SonarCloud is still linked to Azure DevOps and we would like to have it unlinked so that we can then link it to GitHub. This would allow us to keep the history and billing in place.

I found some other topics where you did the unlink for other users.


Hello @ronymeyer and welcome to our Community.

I will send a private message to you in order to get more information about your problem.

Hello @ronymeyer , thank you for providing the information!

We just remove all bindings to Azure DevOps for your organization, app install and projects. Could you please tell us if this solves your problem?

Hello @Alexandre_Holzhey

Thank you for this. I was able to link the organization to GitHub and setup the GitAction. The action script you have for C# runs on Windows and timed out. Once I changed it to ubuntu I was able to run the action and have now the updated analysis in SonarCloud.

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Can i ask you to provide the logs from this timed out analysis to me? You can use the previous private message for that.

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