Show more issue tags than the first (where the rest is shown as '...')

I’d like to submit a feature request to show more tags in the issue detail screen.

Currently only the one tag is displayed with its name and an ‘…’ is shown when there are more.
In my opinion there is room for a few more (up to some visual/textual length x).

Now that the Confirmed status has become deprecated, we are evaluating whether tags are an option for us to either ‘ease migration to the new setup of statuses’ or ‘keep using next to the new setup of statuses’. When there is a click needed on the ‘…’ label (or tag label for that matter) that reduces the convenience of checking a list of issues.

  • Using SonarQube 10.4 self hosted Developer Edition
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Hi Ruben!

Thanks for the report! This is definitely a bug with our component. It should display multiple tags if there is some space available, but they don’t behave this way currently.

I’ve created an internal ticket to fix that; I can’t give you a timeline, though it’s probably going to be a low priority.

Have a nice day!