User created Tags to be retrieved via SonarCloud APIs

Hi ,
I have user created tags as part of both projects and issues. But those are not getting listed as part of the API
Component Search
Issues Search

I have also noticed separate endpoints for tags based on the following levels,

But these endpoints gives all the tags both system created & user created and gives only maximum of 100 records only. Is there any API endpoint to fetch all the associated user created tags with projects and issues?

Kindly suggest.


Checking the API docs I see the description for the component search endpoint ‘api/components/tree’ should be used instead. However, checking the response example for both services shows that they don’t appear to return tags.

For the issues search you should be seeing tags. Can you provide a pointer to a public issue where you’ve added tags but they’re not being returned by the web service?

With projects, all tags are user-created. For issues, I don’t think we maintain a distinction between tags-copied-from-rules and tags-added-by-users.


@ganncamp I understand that we add tags from both user created ones and system generated ones together in the same endpoint.

But system-generated, I mean in the projects while we scan the releases would be added by sonar automatically as tags or user can also tag them separately.

Is there a differentiation between these two? Also, all these endpoints which I mentioned gives only 100 records. Is there a way I could get all the tags associated?

@ganncamp In the projects page under tags section, I have only6 tags that are associated with the projects. But there are more system generated tags. I would like to fetch the tags that are associated with the projects alone and not whole.


Okay, I understand now. To be clear, those tags aren’t system-generated. They’re generated by all the other users on SonarCloud. Ever. :frowning_face:

Giving you a narrowed view is on the ToDo list, but I can’t give you an ETA.

Regarding getting more than 100, that sounds like a pagination default. Which web service are we talking about? Do you see p (page number) and ps (page size) parameters on that service?