How to add tags to projects?

I do not see any way to add tags to projects? I found this old post Unable to create Project Tags in SonarCloud
but that is not how the UI looks anymore.

I would like to add tags our projects to group them in to our products, but I can’t find any way to add tags. I can see its possible to do so:

But I cant find any way to add a tag.

Can anyone help me out?

Hi @JensPeter,

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You can set tags by going to the “Project Information” page. There, on the right sidebar, you’ll see the tags management section:


You can go there by visiting the project page, then from the side menu select “Project Information”.



Hello and thanks for replying :slight_smile:

I however can not see the “+”, do I need to enable it somewhere?

Are you the owner of this project? Or, do you have permission to Administer the project?


Now I am the owner and I can add tags :slight_smile: thanks for the help.

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