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I am using Sonar Version community edition. Today i tried to add tags using project setting menu item. But it is not displayed in administration -> configurations section. I have admin rights and in sonar-administrators group.
Anyone know the reason for this


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Project tags are set from the project homepage, not from global administration. You should see the tags on the right side of the homepage, with - if you’re a project admin - a little dropdown arrow to open the editing interface next to them.


Hi Ann,

Thank you very much!.

I cannot see a option in home page .I can see a word call tags in left side. I think it is for searching the tag. Other than that no little drop down. Here sharing a screenshot.

Also what i’m trying to do, group my projects. One of my friend shown me a screen sharing about how to do it. In his sonar instance has a option called project group settings. But it is not available in my instance. Both using same version. Very curious why this is not displaying to me. I have attached below a two screenshot captured from the screen sharing video for your reference. Hope tagging and the thing shown in the below is same feature. What i am trying to do is shown in below
He selected project group settings in configuration section

Then displayed grouping window


You can set a project’s tags from that project’s homepage. So click through on one of those projects in your list, and you should find it there.

Regarding project groups, that must be provided by a 3rd-party plugin. I’m guessing it’s similar to Portfolios, which are available as part of Enterprise Edition($$)


Thanks. it works!!
Can group the projects with the tagging option.

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