SonarCloud member role does not have the ability to add a Tag

I have granted all Members of the SonarCloud the following permissions:

  • Quality Gate
  • Quality Profiles

Plus, according to the documentation and this community

Members should have the ability to add tags.

However, Members have reported that they cannot add tags to a sonarcloud project. I have asked the user to log in and out; however, that did not grant the user the ability to add a tag.

Hey there.

Only project administrators (project-level Administration > Permissions) can edit tags on a project, as they are visible to all users who have access to that project.

From your documentation on Sonarlcoud: Managing Permissions | SonarCloud Docs

Permissions and rules

The following actions are available only if you have the right permissions (“Administer Quality Profiles and Gates”):

  • Add/Remove tags
  • Extend description

I see the API has the ability and only works for administrators:

POST api/project_tags/set

Set tags on a project.
Requires the following permission: ‘Administer’ rights on the specified project

Hey again

This refers specifically to rule tags, not project tags. It’s probably worth clarifying in the docs!

ah, yes, thanks.

Thanks for the clarification.

Docs have been updated to Add/remove rule tags, hopefully this avoids confusion in the future.