Only 100 files are displayed in the sonarqube dashboard for an individual project

Using java 8 and sonarqube 8.9 community edition. I wanted to know whether the sonarqube’s community edition is capable of displaying the issues of 100 files. When I tried to analyse around 700 files it doesn’t display the remaining 600 files, instead it showed us the message as “There might be more results, try another set of filters to see them.” I don’t want to filter but wanted to see all the remaining files. Is there a possible way to achieve this?


Your version is past EOL. You should upgrade to either the latest version or the current LTA (long-term active version) at your earliest convenience. Your upgrade path is:

xxx → 8.9.10 → 9.9.4 → 10.4 (last step optional)

You may find these resources helpful:

If you have questions about upgrading, feel free to open a new thread for that here.

If your error persists after upgrade, please come back to us.