Get list of all issues for a specific project

Hello everyone,
I’m using SonarQube v.7.9.1 and I wanted to ask how can I get all issues for a specific project with SonarQube web API.

I’ve tried with a GET request at the address https://my-sonarqube-server/api/issues/search and it seems to work, but I get a (partial?) list of different projects.

How can I filter by project name?

Thank you so much.

I tried specifying the parameter componentKeys as my project ID and it seems to work. My only doubt is if the list of issues is complete or not. Is there a limit?

Thanks again.

Hello @Just_some_guy,
The list is limited to 10M as it is a limitation form the Elastic Search stack we use.
You can use the createdAfter and createdBefore parameter to extract the complete list in several calls.

Thank you very much for the info and for the tip Alexandre! Cheers!