Sharing state of issues between branches and PRs

Issues can be flagged as false positives or as won’t fix. We used these statuses to flag issues we don’t want to attend to for the foreseeable future. However, these issues still show up in scans for other branches and PRs. Is there a way to “share” the issue statuses across all branches and PRs in the project? I want to make sure we won’t have to go through the same issues over and over again once we flag them as false positives or as won’t fix.

I am sending some screenshots to make it clearer.


This happens on merge to issues marked FP/WF in PRs. Outside of that, there’s no functionality for this.


Hi @ganncamp, I am slightly confused how exactly does this work.

Let’s look at at example. We are going to go through all reported bugs, code smells etc. on a develop branch. What happens when we create a pull request to develop branch? The New code section is obvious (as there is no Overall Code section in PRs).

  • What happens with all the other branches?
  • Is the state of issues from the develop branch “shared” with the other branches?
  • Is each branch completely independent when it comes to the state of issues?
  • Is there a way to migrate/copy the issues state from one branch to another?


Hi Martin,

After creation, yes.

Sorry, no.


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