False-Positive and Won't Fix retain that status after merge

SonarQube Developer Edition 9.9.2 LTS
Jenkins 2.414.3 LTS
SonarQube Scanner for Jenkins plugin 2.15
SonarQube deployed inside Kubernetes with Docker image

Hi Community,
Currently I’m testing the SonarQube behaviour in PR and in the Branch scans in our own purposes.
And during the testing I have found that the issue resolution marked as Won't Fix during the Branch scan (on NewCode) was migrated its status to main branch after merge.
We expected, that the issue resolution will retain its status only during the PR scan, according to provided SonarQube documentation:

False-Positive and Won't Fix
You can mark individual issues False Positive or Won't Fix through the issues interface. If you're using PR analysis provided by the Developer Edition, issues marked False Positive or Won't Fix will retain that status after merge. This is the preferred approach.

but seems like the issue resolution retains its status not only during PR scan.

Are we have missed something or it is correct behaviour of SonarQube issue status retention?
Thank you for your advice!


Are you using a reference branch for your new code definition?

If you have configured the Reference Branch new code definition for a branch, issues in the reference branch automatically inherit their attributes from this original branch (including Won’t Fix and False Positive resolutions) after merge.


Hi, @ganncamp, thanks for your reply.
Yes, we are using reference branch for new code definition. I was already found this one as in documentation.
Great thanks for your help!

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