PR is not reporting the issues, only after merging to develop

Version: Community Edition Version 8.1 (build 31237)
Issues are reporting only in develop branch and not in PR for Java default quality profile.

I was reading the documentation:

Still, I’m unable to find the reason why the issues are only reported in develop branch and not in the PR.

Could you please help me, this is very important for our project. Attached is some information about the code, and project. Quality Gate is as follow:

Conditions on New Code and Conditions on Overall Code

Coverage is less than 0.0%
Blocker Issues is greater than 0
Critical Issues is greater than 0
Major Issues is greater than 0

Thanks in advance


Welcome to the community!

You’ve shown one issue that I guess didn’t show up in your PR. Is this the only one, or is it emblematic of others? Also, could you share the analysis logs of your PR?


Hello Ann,

Thanks for taking the time to review my post. Is not the only one detected, there are others. I created a similar method and create a new PR to see if I can replicate the scenario, attached are the logs of the analysis(I used DEBUG as log level), please let me know what I’m doing wrong or what other actions are needed.

Regards (66.3 KB)


That zip file contains server logs. What would be helpful here are the analysis-side logs. I.e. the ones from Jenkins or whatever CI you use.


P.S. Could you also share as comprehensive a list as possible of rules with “missing” issues?

Hello Ann, currently the log in Jenkins is not useful at all, few information is there, I might have to use: