Dealing with False positives,wont fixes

Hi @all,

I have a question about dealing with FP/WF.

My question refers to the following documentation:

Especially this point:
What if I mark an Issue “Won’t Fix” or “False-Positive” in a branch?
It will be replicated as such when creating a Pull Request and merging the Pull Request into the master branch.

Sonarqube 8.5 (Developer Edition $$$)
Jenkins (incl. Bitbucket Plugin)

I create a pullrequest with the branch containing the FP/WF.
After analyzing the pullrequest in Jenkins I see the corresponding issues in Sonarqube and the issues previously set to FP/WF are shown as issues again.

After merging the PR into develop or master (main Branch) the FP/WF are also displayed in the target branch.

The developers cannot set the issues to FP/WF in the source branch, pullrequest and target branch?

What is the procedure/handling with FP/WF?


Hello @markluebbehuesen,

“Manual” changes to an issue (Won’t fix, False positive, Change of type, of severity, comments and assignee are only propagated from pull requests to the target branch.
There is no propagation from a branch to a PR or from a branch to another branch.
(This used to be the case on 7.9 that SonarQube tried to propagate changes from short lived branches to the target branch, but we stopped that:

  • It was error prone since determining how a branch is merged into another is quite hazardous
  • In 8.5 we don’t distinguish short and long lived branches (actually we think there should be quickly a PR for every branch that’s short lived, ie that will be merged into another branch, and that’s why changes on issues are only propagated from PRs


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Hi @OlivierK,

It would be nice if this could be described more clearly and in more detail in the documentation, as you already wrote it to me.


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