Several CE workes don't execute jobs parallel

Hi, SQ community.
I’m using Enterprise Edition - Version 9.2.3 (build 50713).
My Sonar host contains several projects and here is set 4 CE workers.
But, anyway the analysis job executes one by one - not parallel. After reloading via WEB UI and deep reboot in server side nothing has been changed.

  1. Does SonarQube support parallel execution in context different branches in one project/several projects?
  2. Can we somehove set priority for analysis queue to not delay PR analysis?


Welcome to the community!

Are all of these jobs for branches and PRs of the same project? This is a known issue that’s been around for quite a while, actually. We should (finally) get to it later this year.



After reboot jobs for different projects started to work parallel.
Ok. thanks for your answer. I’m looking forward to next release

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