Several CE workes don’t execute jobs parallel

As a developer, I’d like to get a new SQ version with parallel jobs execution and update our SQ server in order to have the possibility to parallelize jobs executions, save resources and optimize execution time

Need to clarify the status of parallel branch analysis in the same project
I’ve seen you implemented something for 1 branch and 1 PR. What about several branches?

Thread with the previous discussion:

Hey there.

Are you still using v9.2.3? We made improvements in this area later in the v9.x cycle. v9.9 LTS has been released since February and Parallel processing of pull request and branch analyses is opt-in

we updated to 9.8 and will be upgraded to 9.9 soon
But what about parallel branches analysis in the context of the same project?
Can I hope to have it in the future release?

we have a large project with several branches and want to analyze them.
Each branch overworking background task time - > 25 min.
So, It’s important to have the possibility of the parallel branches in ONE project running

You’re correct – at this point, parallel branch analysis in the context of the same project is still not supported.

I can move your post to our Product Manager for a Day category, where it will have some visibility with our PMs.

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