Sonar jobs are getting executed sequential not parallel

Sonarqube configured with azure devops for validating performance and security issues. Created a pipeline for developers in azure devops to run sonar analysis when code commit happens. This pipeline is used across multiple projects. One worker across the project and others must be kept in queue. so sonar jobs are getting executed sequentially not parallely.
Its really affecting the projects and their execution. Is there any way to clusterize sonar instance or increase worker to fix this issue. Any advise on this would be really helpfful Thanks in advance.

Hello @sinduja and welcome to the SonarSource community.
I hope you’ll enjoy it.

If I understand your request well (next time maybe provide a bit more information like logs or screenshots) you see that the Background Task queue is processed sequentially, not in parallel.
If I understood you right, then the feature you’re requesting is available with the commercial Enterprise Edition.
We believe that when SonarQube is used with the free Community Edition, there should not be any need of huge scalability (tit should be for reasonably small dev teams). If you need scalability then it is fair to go with the Enterprise Edition.

Hope this makes sense.

Regards, Olivier

@OlivierK Thanks for your response. We have sonarqube developer edition. kindly advise if we can execute parallel task using developer edition. If yes, kindly share supporting documentation to do this setup. It will be of great help.

Hello @sinduja,

This feature is not available with the Developer Edition either. You have to upgrade to Enterprise Edition.


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