Parallel scanning of multiple projects

Using: SonarQube 8.6.1

Hi All, we use sonar-qube as part of our project and i see a peculiar observation, when we scan multiple projects at same time, we see a delay or we see scan happens sequentially. Is that the case with sonar-qube ? or it’s something wrong with our configuration ?


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First, your version is past EOL. You should upgrade to either the latest version or the current LTS at your earliest convenience. Your upgrade path is:

8.6.1 → 8.9.2 → 9.1 (last step optional)

You may find the Upgrade Guide and the LTS-to-LTS Upgrade Notes helpful. If you have questions about upgrading, feel free to open a new thread for that here.

Regarding your actual question, where are you seeing this serial analysis? On the CI or during the server-side processing of analysis reports? Because the latter is entirely normal unless you’re in Enterprise Edition($$).