Failed background task

SonarQueb : 8.1
Scanner : SonarScanner for MSBuild 4.6

Hi community,

We have both web and api projects connected to the same solution.
Sonarqube is integrated into the relevant pipeline.
When the build request is made, the requests can be made one after the other for the api and web project.
In this case, as in the screenshot below, we get an error.
Thank you in advance.

SonarQube Background task

Jenkins Log

Hi, What do you mean by web and api projects?


In line with our needs, we have 2 separate projects connected to the same solution (2 projects with .csproj extension).
For example, in Jenkins pipeline, it goes through different processes when a request is made for the web, and when a request is made for the api, it goes through different processes.But these 2 projects are under the same solution. And because SonarQube can only scan solution (.sln), 2 requests are processed.

Do you mean that you have several components (web and UI) that you analyze separately, but everything goes to the same SonarQube project?

Ok, forget about the web and api project. Here is a simultaneous scan request for the same solution.
And when the report generated as a result of scanning is sent to the server, an error is received.
As can be seen in the screenshot, if the time of sending the report to the server is exactly the same, it is seen that an error occurs on the background task page.

What error you observe in SonarQube logs ? (logs/ce.log file)

Hi @pierreguillot

You can see logs below.
I have scaned project again, and this logs are belong to new scanning.

ce.txt (10.0 KB)

It looks like your analysis are sent to SQ with too close timestamps, and the latest submitted analysis has an actual analysis date before the previous one. So they are not processed in chronological order, which is not supported by SQ (because it does not make sense from the analysis point of view).

I’m still unsure about what you are trying to achieve with two analysis at the same time, on the same SonarQube project. If the two analysis are on the same commit, they will have the same result.

Because of our needs.
Anyway we will look for another solution to achive with this issue.

Thank you for your answers.