[Qube] Merge list of activated/deactivated rules

Currently deactivated rules are hidden from the list of activated rules in a quality profile.

This may make some sense to someone. But I think, there should be a complete list with all the rules showing whether being activated or deactivated.

Hello @mfroehlich,

Olivier again :-).
Indeed the rule page is based on the concept of filters:

  • We don’t display differently an active or an inactive rule
  • When navigating from a Quality Profile, you land on the rules pages with a preset filter to show rules active in the profile

But are you aware, that you can change the filter to see rules Inactive instead ?

Is that not what you would need ?


I don’t see that view when I navigate on a quality profile.

Ok, I found that view now. Nice, that I can switch from active to inactive and vice versa. Unfortunately this isn’t very convenient, because I need to scroll down and click “show more” until the list is complete every time I navigate to a list. Otherwise a fulltext (browser) search may not hit. This is a little annoying anyway.

So, to find a certain rule (that I want to check activation state from) I need to click the inactive list, click show more unti it is complete search for the rule text and, if not found, repeat the same for the active list.

As you can see, a complete list, that is actually completely shown initially would be very convenient.