"Activate more (rules)" should not show deprecated or template rules

When configuring Quality Profiles in SonarQube (8.6.1) the is an option “Activate more” to activate currently inactive rules for a specific profile.
Using this option I will see ALL inactive rules, including deprecated and template rules.
Example from language HTML:

Deprecated rules should not get activated, otherwise I get the warning that the profile “is using deprecated rules”. Template rules cannot be activated at all.

Please update the filter behind “Activate more” to not show deprecated or template rules.

Additional question: Would it be possible to add “tags” or any other marker on specific rules to allow custom filtering? We would like to activate nearly all rules. I would like to tag/mark rules not to be activated to filter out (manually) when using “Activate more” after update.

Hey there.

You can already do this.

You’ll notice you can also filter by tag. You can add tags to a rule by navigating to it.

Thanks, @Colin_SonarSource, for your quick answer.

  1. Yes, I know that I can filter that manually. I kindly ask to add this to the default filter when using “Activate more”.

  2. Ok, I see, I can add new tags. Unfortunately I can only filter for rules WITH custom tag. I would like to filter for rules NOT having specific tag.