Quality Gate not updated after resolving issues manually


I’m using sonar Version 6.7.4.

I have couple conditions in my quality gate, particularly “New Critical Issues” is greater than 0 results into failed quality gate.

I noticed that after I manually resolve issues found during last analysis, quality gate status does not change. It changes only after next build.

The documentation, however, states

As you edit issues, the related metrics (e.g. New Bugs), will update automatically, as will the Quality Gate status if it’s relevant.


Which I understand as “Quality gate status will change immediately after editing issues, no additional scans are needed”.

Can someone help figuring out which is wrong - my expectations or the documentation?

Thank you in advance!


Hi Eduard,

You’re citing the documentation for the most recent version of SonarQube (which is reasonable; that’s where you land by default) but you’re not using the most recent version of SonarQube. In fact, live updates (what we call this feature internally) were introduced in 7.0.

The docs for 6.7 are here, in case you’re interested: https://docs.sonarqube.org/display/SONARQUBE67


Hi, Ann

Thanks a lot for quick and detailed response!